2012-packaging industry characteristics

    packing machine by comparison, is a slow job, there lacks. First reflected in the following aspects: as companies life experience is different (State, public organizations, private), finance, equipment and skills vary bump is not given equal starting point. Less trend is the starting point of the whole, most companies are at a low level Garden on the device. An area on a number of production, repeated with greater price competition is fierce, thin profit.

    packaging machinery technical skills and more to add. China now has some of the skills content of packaging machinery product is not high, and abroad has many advanced skills used in packaging machines, such as distance-remote control techniques (including monitoring), stepper motor skills, active flexible cover skills, laser-cutting skills, information-processing skills, etc.

    becoming more exclusive in packaging machinery market. Current China steel strapping, pneumatic packing machines and some small fully automatic balers, semi-active balers have planning and benefits, other packaging machinery system and planning, especially in business requirements package production line, packing malls all over the world are several packaging machinery company (Group) exclusively.

    packaging machinery parts and components production specialization. World packaging industry attaches great importance to progress in packaging machinery processing and compatibility of the various components of the whole packaging system, packaging machinery parts and components produced is the inevitable trend of specialization, many parts are no longer made from packaging machinery factory produced, but by the General standard factory produced, some special parts and components produced by highly specialized production factories, real famous packaging machinery factory will probably be assembly plants. Carried out for the product to function with a single, high-speed polarization. Packaging machinery end effect lies in progress to produce power and product diversification.

    packaging machinery professional brand strategy. Adhere to the "quality first" company is a brand of the Foundation, coupled with continued innovation in the competition, inquiry into the use of high-tech skills and cutting-edge technology, singled out by the famous company, known for the products will be gradually. For example, beer beverage filling produced line, and corrugated board produced line, and Lee will surface produced line, and Cup loaded irrigation installed, and wide complex film machine, and 200 rose above big barrels blow plastic machine, and BOPP blow bottle machine, and chocolate equipment, and are quality machine, certainly produced company many, but famous degrees high, and sales big of has is obviously gathered trend, famous company, and famous brand is gradually constitute. Shijiazhuang Conexant packaging machinery limited company produces specialized packaging machines, filling machines, stamping machines, inkjet, shrinking machine, labeling machine, packaging equipment.

    China package mechanical all skills also behind Yu developed, but China package mechanical Mall need promote has package machine career of carried out also promoted has produced company constantly of for personal State different, changes behind of operation concept and carried out thought, thus China playing Charter career future of carried out is philosophical of, just company can caught opportunities, trust in soon of future China playing Charter career will stands in world packaging career of front-end. According to mould and metal plastics industry suppliers Association Secretary General Luo Baihui survey packaging Professional is to create new types of packaging machinery in China, leading to integrated packaging machinery, high efficiency, intelligent direction.

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