Digital future of inkjet digital printing has started

    ink jet digital printing for the first time

    according to the historical record, inkjet digital printing for the first time in the 1990 of the 20th century, that's printed work is a celebration of innovation mark. In all textile fabrics, by using digital printing machine activity, acid, paint, and lax water based ink for direct printing. Ink-jet printing skills is thought to be small batches or single pieces, the need for rapid delivery, large single printed proof before the best plan of attack.

    ink jet digital printing and outstanding advantage of

    in the know, little fog then found in the spray and many tennis friends communicate, ink jet printing in progress outstanding reflected power, cost savings, and in the Green dedication of worth the wait.

    (a) power saving on the cost of inkjet digital printing in progress outstanding embodiment of

    using inkjet digital printing skills, and textile paint Division and operating time greatly reduced print jobs, working power substantially promoted, simplifies the process objectively formed a production costs continue to decline. Investigate its reasons, from depicting job beginning they has in using digital software, and selection digital inkjet printer to completed printing samples and small bulk produced, acid ink, and activity ink, and lax ink, dye ink and the pigment type ink of experienced using, makes they can in various cloth Shang has better of reflected, then crossed time-consuming hard, intensity big (small fog of many spray tennis friends on this showed that fierce echoed), precious of sedan process, completed "by see that proceeds" type of screen pictures directly output printing.

    (b) more worth waiting for digital inkjet print on green

    in most traditional printing companies face under the great pressure of energy saving and emission reduction, inkjet digital printing advantages gradually began to stand out. According to associated data we had to squarely of problem is, using traditional printing equipment for printing Shi, has 30% around of dye dosage cannot and fiber contact, this in formed Grand spoil of with also face with in washing link Shi was wash to and occurred Grand pollution; and inkjet digital printing process selection ink straight spray process, dye dosage as long as traditional printing of 40% around, and only has 5% of ink in Hou disposal Shi was wash to, occurred of pollution volume only for traditional printing process of 1/15-1/25. Inkjet digital printing also has the advantages of convenient, convenient, environmentally friendly, and printing and dyeing company's need for digital printing has also inducted GM sharply year by year. Than as domestic famous plan provider Hongsheng digital textile printing cloth made by Waterless printing plan aroused our great hobby, embodied in the plan without steaming, without washing, short energy-saving and environmentally-friendly features of printing and dyeing process people have been waiting for, isn't it?

    ink jet digital printing problem facing

    understand the advantages of inkjet printing, little fog can't start thinking, so the advantages of skill, why not by industrial use? Peer broke, the dilemma faced by digital printing first for accuracy, color matching, progress printing quality of ink, and the speed and cost of digital printing equipment and other factors, the factor restricting traditional printing company in bulk orders with patterns produced using inkjet digital printing skills in industrial production. Spray network friends can you think so too?

    ink jet digital printing status of

    despite the speed and color match problems, but continues to improve its software, machine, print heads and ink, inkjet digital printing has made impressive increases. Remember the rare show 2010 in United States-reel digital textile market has increased by 13%, digital print output reached 130 billion dollars, and directly into the clothing store has increased by 32% during digital printing output of $ 245 million dollars. It is a pity, little fog did not find more than two years of data, Jet friends and if so welcome to shotcrete in jars and contact me.

    at home, the manifestation of digital printing is an appropriate eye-catching. According to statistics, 2011 of various types of inkjet digital printing machines in China number about 700, due in 2008 and 3.3 times. 2011 national inkjet digital printing capacity of 140 million meters, total printing volume of 0.86%, and 2008 National inkjet digital printing volume of 40 million meters, 0.33% of the total print volume data comparison, marked for promotion.

    statistics can also see current inkjet digital printing fabric in a small proportion of China's textile printing professional, accounting for only printing 1% in total, while foreign share of digital printing is much greater. Together, foreign authority the study speculated, 2009 ~2014 year, compound annual growth rate of global textile digital printing machine capable of up to 23.1%, in the next few years, digital printing will present the explosive increase.

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