Fluff stuck printing method

    usually say Flock print, refers to cotton fabric or carpet-like, at first glance a flocking technology does not print. Also called fluff stuck printing or fluff machining, which belongs to the textiles in paper or cloth-like effect of printing means.

   , for example, from within your own quilted cotton-padded cloth dolls, printed patterns on the fabric and cut lines. Plant in the colored part of the hair, according to the cut line cut down together, you could become cloth dolls.

    villi adhesive printing (flocky) is the meaning of Flock stuck, use static electricity to about 0.2mm-1.5mm short fiber plant to cloth or paper, obtain stereoscopic printing patterns.

    making method is, first used offset way will General of pattern printing good, then in intends to plant velvet of part Shang used screen printing way brush printing rubber paste, imposed negative, in are charge of plate Shang sub Shang with rayon, and nylon, and wool or gold and silver powder made of short fiber or dust, due to plus or minus very of distance is short, using plus or minus very between phase attract of electrostatic principle, makes fiber was adsorption to brush has rubber paste of pattern Shang and erect up.

    flocking material solid, paste paste gun spray spray above, using static electricity to make fiber to stand up.

    difficulty strength

    available for the material of flocking paper, plastics, ceramics, leather, wood products, metal products, fiber for flocking color with gold, silver, and other various colors.

    current static flocking in addition to cloth dolls set out above, there are jewel-box liners, coasters, pictures, automobile interiors and other blind, which although looks like labeled like cloth, however, is actually hard occasions more.

    for electrostatic flocking is basically to paste to glue short fibre, so if the viscosity of pectin is not enough, strength of flocking will look strong enough to fall off due to friction, this fine patterns of the plot would be inappropriate use of electrostatic flocking printing methods.

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