Liquid packaging printing packaging film adhesion

    performance for the film after rewinding screen printing or after cuts made after bags stacked, printed between the ink or ink not printing blank side of sticking together, not separately. If pulled, causing the ink off, scrapped.

    produces most of adhesion because the ink sticky CTP, humidity is too high, too much pressure. Like wet paint failure, though appears to the naked eye, not actually dry, there are sticky. Because print film is rewinding after huaguang precision, is difficult to evaporate residual solvents, ink resin does not dry-cured, you will make serious adhesion.

    adhesive products by gas chromatography determination of residual solvent content is often what percentage achieved. Residual solvent smell makes packaging products with color sequences, if used as food packaging has an impact on the taste of food and health, and impact strength.

    solutions to packaging film adhesion from drying or dry conditions, the capacity of the solution and make use of fast-drying solvent. In addition, the moisture in the raw material will swell the ink resins, stickiness of the annual report of China's printing industry, printing material custody should be moisture-proof.

    inks can also cause improper ratio of sticky, such as some special performance (heat resistance, oil resistance) ink to add hardener hardener is a low molecular weight material, itself has a stickiness.

    prepared with synthetic resin gravure ink, should choose commercial printing high softening point resin, generally used for the softening point of 105~110℃ resin and low softening point resin heat-labile.

    in the process of printing, film tension should not be too large, nor volume for too long, are too tight. With printing, rewinding diameter increases printing education, place ribs in a printed pattern set, prone to sticking. Winding should not be too tight.

    adhesion with ink weak attachment between the substrate and the relevant solution is the correct choice of ink, control the quality of ink, to adapt them to the substrate and printing equipment, to deal with the surface of the substrate, increase affinity for ink. One side should be used, if double-sided processing, the affinity of the other ink well, has the opposite of Visco-analysis and removal of fault, it should be noted that.

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