Printing type

&Nbsp;   relief printing (Relief)

     relief printing is to print through pressure processing make and similar to the original, and general production of the object are the oil and the like. Because paintings original painting as the thickness of the paint, and printed products can only show their plane, if the print become the original convex convex, concave concave, that is not true? embossed printing can be divided into two high and the public. Advanced product is to use good quality paper and printing refined, is very limited in number. Public goods using plain paper printing, for mass popularity, so more in production quantity. When you finish printing, print film attached above, and well in advance of the pressure plate (that is, since the original painting by Photolithography embossing gained) pressure work in print, can be made into beautiful reproductions of the same as the original painting. Such relief prints copying famous paintings, most of them, there is in art collections, or by using picture postcards and the like, and so on.

     gold and silver Word

     in books of cover or wood or plastic surface and so on often see of Golden font or pattern, its performance way is will by needed bronzing of pattern or text made convex type version heating, then in was printing real above placed by needed color of foil paper, pressure Hou its foil will fell to was printing real Shang, this species effect odd better, Its foil tight in print at the same time, and will never fade.

     printed magnetic (MICR)

     most magnetic printing used in security checks for many to avoid counterfeiting, called MICR magnetic printing, that is, Magneticlnk. Abbreviation of CharacterRecognition. Its main printing purposes are made of 0-9, numbers, and symbols, check below to magnet powders mixed in one ink printing of such numbers or symbols. Due to poor electrical waves generated by the text, therefore, only on the classification of TLC. Magnetic printing on the cheque is widely used, such as the United States, cheques in circulation as much as 20 billion a year. On the methods of work, is divided into two manual and mechanical.

     magnetic printing the paper itself mixed iron and magnetic properties. In printing due to the numbers and symbols of the ink load different waves of difference, therefore, printed with the magnetic attraction of the paper to form the different waves of poor to achieve its purpose. Magnetic printing in the future is not only used on the check, and even other marketable securities can be used.

     concave embossing (Embossing)

     using pressure to make paper embossed, of course this is the reuse of elastic function and feeling. Concave and convex models is necessary, the General method is a place cares about convex on the fixed and slightly heated, concave top to bottom, then the paper will have a concave shape. In many cases trademarks or designs when rim must be embossed into a three-dimensional convex shape, precision alignment control line must be on the sides, otherwise the form and print part cannot be fully consistent.

     came to print

     print on the plane into convex, stereo, which is the method of coming to the printing process, very useful in business, because of its elegance. In particular, wrapping paper, gift tags, packaging to better show its commodity value. The method is very simple, after the normal print printing, use a resin powder (as Hong Kong currently use Rosin powder and the like) strewn on the ink not dry, the powder is dissolved in the ink, and then heated to make the printing part of the Carina. Come to the powder used in printing had guangyan, matte, gold, silver, fluorescent colors and so on. Printed using flexography and offset printing. Such presses are using half a hand-made, but has now been developed and fully automated machines, from printing to heat using consistent operations, rapid increases in production, modern is most widely used is solid surface wallpaper, others such as packaging, labels, packaging, business cards, envelopes, writing pads, greeting cards all have a wide use.


     print in our life are often round or rounded corners or other irregular situation, this is when the printing die-cut after the results. Such cutting way is to pretend to be a wooden model around and around with thin steel blades along its edge, tight beats again after cutting.

     intaglio printing

     printing in intaglio is a relatively old, used to be mainly fine pieces such as bank notes, securities, stamps, and so on.

     intaglio printing and offset printing, there is a big difference, first the manuscripts lie around 10 times, with hand-carved in a peripheral line zinc tablets, again using a smaller mechanical retracting the original engraved on the outside about eight-inch piece of copper sheet. And this pieces copper tablets Shang is coated some anti-corrosion film of, because copper tablets just hook Shang word of peripheral line, so to with manual will rough body ground of film scraping to, then with potion will printing lines corrosion deep, last still to with magnifying glass and the carved knife, patience to will line side, and pointed angle, location fix, again plating Shang a layer chrome, this printing version will done.

     in printing, which we have to take a special gravure. It is printing after ink tank, and then by a flat steel plate layout scrape excess ink, and again, after a paper, clear excess ink. Negative image full of ink, set the paper, ink is transferred onto the paper by pressure, because ink is thicker, so dry after projecting feelings. If the embossing effect, increase the pressure, without ink, can cause subtle embossed effects.

     short digital printing

     digital printing direct printing is by computer processing of digital files, also called computer direct printing, English computer to press. Characteristics and uses:

    1, suitable for small print runs of printed materials, such as: ⅵ manuals, tenders, business Hardcover Paperback books periodicals, annual reports annual, menu wine list, business cards, business cards, personalized printing, digital printing for printing, saving cost of plate-making but also to meet the needs of business or personal;

    2, and Digital printing you can print out different of personalized content, such as invitation to different names, with the customer's name

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