Characteristics of the domestic packaging printing industry

    (1) packaging print industry's rapid growth, two-thirds of the total national printing industry production 2010 packaging print 523.89 billion yuan, accounting for 67.99% of print production.

    issued by the State press and publishing administration data: 2010 national print production 770.65 billion yuan, book printing, 16.89% packaging printing 67.98%, other print print 10.84%. 2011 print more than 100,000, more than 3.7 million employed people, print output of 850 billion yuan, about 15% per cent of total global print industry.

    (2) packaging print leading company has become the main force of China's printing industry

    2011 top 100 printing companies in China, a book printing company 11, packaging printing company 49 (flexible packaging, and 4 folding carton 9 and iron printing canning 7), other printing companies 4, mixed print services company 36.

    (3), the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Bohai Bay printing industries print companies with growing regional influence China in 2011 in top, 21 43 in Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Bohai Bay 11. Three printing industry with a total of 75 top companies, sales income of 58.75 billion yuan, of the total sales value of 78%.

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