Intaglio printing how to reduce pollution and save costs

    gravure printing inks are generally solvent. At present there is a tendency to use aqueous inks, but using solvent ink process run much faster than the water based ink, because of volatile solvents to dry ink factory. General gravure printing process using the process is higher than that of gravure printing 8-10-color printing process typically includes the production of print materials, roll, pressure roller, ink system Ink viscosity, solvent recovery systems, drying furnace online cutting and stripping equipment, quality control system, to get the final product.

    printer will affect the printing process: cases, transfer ink to the substrate surface, inks on the substrate surface state of the ink drying, or absorbed by the surface, printing machine operators on how the register control. Common substrate are coated, uncoated paper, cardboard, packaging paper, Mendelevium foil and metallic paper. Cello bin are not commonly used, polyurethane and fabric. Gravure printing proof is carried out online, sometimes the Proofer.

    gravure printing methods are generally used for high-quality, high-speed printing multi-color version live. It uses the roll called the intaglio roller is the iron content, copper plating and a photosensitive layer. On behalf of the region's small grooves are made, need chrome plating.

    intaglio press of version roll usually is directly and image printer material contact of, so in version roll from ink slot out, and printer material contact Qian, must to has blade scraping to roll surface of ink, then through pressure printing roll pressure and printer material of hair fine role, will concave hole in the of ink transfer to printer real Shang concave printing machine more is roll tube type press, using reel continuous printing.

    relief is made by carving or etching, made of chrome increases the hardness to improve resistance to India. Solvent-based ink used in engraving or etching depth and shape different from the aqueous ink plate. In General, carved on the layout of the water-based ink, roll circumference by size of printing presses and printing graphics and text.

    according to the different presses, roll aluminium copper copper and iron in two ways. In preparation for version, roll is placed in the hot water heating, then stripped into chlorate solution of chromium and rust. Then rinse well, iron roller nickel-plated, solid copper coating, aluminum roll zinc plating, to achieve the same day. Aluminum roll up outside also after cyanide copper plating, engraving process are chrome plated, and are ready to proof.

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