Printing water-roller down daily maintenance


    when printing large patterns or large areas of dark field will shorten the service life of the water roll down. Because water rolls down during the printing process will stick to a lot of ink, when printing a light copies, ink is not easy to remove, easy to cause the print line, you must replace the water roll down or remove it with gasoline and water cleaning, but that both time and trouble.

    We of solution method is: in wash ink Shi, first will wash car water uniform to pour in ink roll Shang, twist Shang scraping ink Board, had a two minutes observation to ink roll Shang of most ink has removed Shi, again falls 4 root by version roll, such printing version Shang of ink on was clear off has, again falls by version water roll, and more pour some wash car water, such water roll Shang of ink also on to has printing version Shang, by received ink roll received ink Hou on flow to has scraping ink slot in. Finally, the wash rollers and water, cleaned and then put the scraping down so that water roll down without delay wash.

    is another method: scraping on the screw, sheet size control knob in the blank document, and then press the push button again will depend on the water rolls down, it can also wash water rolls down, and clear imprint of residual ink.

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