3D newspapers in China is how to print production?

    a 3D paper is made of what? According to associated skills analysis, 3D paper photo disposal process with 2D photographs, skilled in using Photoshop or other software, a general separation of 2D images into the red and blue images of the different viewpoints and incomplete printing these images together, into a "vague image" constitutes a 3D image. Wearing 3D glasses, 3D rendering.

    "release 3D special edition is not easy also in 3D skills on the disposal. "The skilled personnel that, 3D skills of image disposal before you print to spend a lot of time, a version of the image needs three or four-hour separations disposal the end of talent, a Special Edition after repeated adjustments, spent nearly a week's time to finish the disposal. And print links, is also testing the skill of time, 3D paper when printing identification alone on the sidelines wear 3D glasses 3D effect, ensure that the printer is not automatically proof is not fully printing due to the incomplete registration of as long as blue, red, ability render 3D effects.

    the avatar 3D movie scenery infinite, 3D skills into streets and the hot topic of discussion at a time. Belgium followed for a newspaper, launch a 3D paper. Of course, the newspaper still needs to bring 3D glasses.

    Belgium launched in its international Edition readers a daily March 9, 2010 the "3D" section, readers through special glasses to read this new layout. On April 16 of that year, the country's first "3D newspaper" the Shiyan evening news available. In La Derniere Heure newspaper on the 3D version, all images and ads disposal constitutes three dimensional effect, readers can see through the glasses ever-changing the layout, it's like watching 3D movies.

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