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The advantages and basic methods of name plate marker machine

    name plate marker machine electrochemical principle of the device is used in a variety of metal marking, such as iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, carbide, aluminum, copper alloy, chrome-plating, nickel plating, zinc plating information, French blue, black by a variety of grinding and polishing metal surfaces. Is a product used to print the trademarks, titles, technical specifications, manufacturers name, security matters, as well as the manufacture of stainless steel plates and shell marking, etc.

    marking the captain: the

    are a number of advantages on track, clear, durable, no discoloration, no falling, high temperature resistance, not afraid of organic solvent. Regardless of size, plane, arcs, sheet is printed, printed fine Qing dynasty, 5-100um deep, operation is simple and only takes a few seconds to the end without drying and solidifying. With the sophisticated identity, progressive product appearance. Enhanced security, quality surveillance and establish brand image.

    how to:

    ① headers and even, each Alligator Clip on the machine;

    ② ready printing template;

    ③ with headers (cathode on the connection machine) dipped play calibration solution, After templates on the workpiece (anode on the convergence machine) a few seconds

    ④ fine permanent picture describes, like sealed the same brief!

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