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Plates stored basic processing rules

    plate, it is very important for the proper storage and management. Sub-plate below, an entire box of plates in the finished plate is only a brief overview of flexo's storage and management.

    when, in the factory, plate-making, plate storage of basic processing rules are as follows:

    1, unexposed plates

    placed within the box, properly wrapped in black plastic

    cannot be placed in uneven contact surfaces

&Nbsp;   in front of the film exposure, peelable surface sheet

    split, if excessive bending will cover wrinkles, after exposure plate these wrinkles will stain

    2, the exposed plate:

    be careful when handling, Anti-bend with a cardboard mat on the following

    covered with a sheet of surface light above the protection

    3, moist after washing the plate

    avoid contact with resin, otherwise it will form a stain

    when Avoid inhalation of the vapours of solvents

    4, drying the plate after

    on a flat contact surface, allow it to cool

    do not touch the resin layer

    prevent sunlight or other ultraviolet light irradiation

&Nbsp;   er the whole box plate, plate supplier, in order to maintain the best condition, stored as follows:

    temperature control: 5~25du degrees Celsius, temperatures below 10 ℃, transfer to plate room plate should be stable for a period of time in order to avoid thermal shock effect on the machine.

    climate control, avoid excessive humidity (humidity less than 60%)

    placed in the box: are laid flat, each no more than 10 boxes of

    third, the finished plate from the plate, and stored as follows

    Clean air: a well-ventilated, dust-free, solvent-free gas, away from sources of ozone

    temperature control: Celsius 5~35du

    no light: dark room,

    plates do not touch each other: there is sufficient air circulation between the plates

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