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Moon cake packaging the most taboo "makeup"

    followed the footsteps of Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Moon became the focus of attention, than to insiders and explosive material, said packaging plastic moon cake tray of colors as bright as possible without security. If that is the case, association staff make a query.

    in the query process, the sale indicated that sporadic mooncakes for sale is to buy from the wholesale market. So not alone sold "cakes popping". Watch wrapped in three layers of three-layer of cake, pingzhang experience, sell said, which directly touch the bottom of the cake is made of plastic.

    these cakes end of supporting can fit food health needs, Professor explanation said, cakes of plastic supporting packaging is divided into PP, and PS, and PVC plastic and so on, PVC is PVC, this information in bearing loaded containing oil sex food Shi, food in the of oil is simple dissolved plastic guessed of small molecular material, if long time edible this cakes, will on human harmful, so, PVC plastic is stop as food packaging using. But some unscrupulous businesses sometimes PVC a change, swindle consumers.

    Professor shows that, in addition to just two mooncakes inside out, gold and silver cake tray, also is made using recycled plastics to participate in gold and silver, which recycled plastic background clutter, simple and rich in heavy metals or toxic substances, thus amounts to a substandard product. That packaging is a qualified, were given by the Professor answers.

    in addition consumer cake liner can also be up to the light, if it is found to have significant impurities, rendering black spot color may not even have the potential to be recycled plastic, smell odors could also be failed product.

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