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Cost has become a major print on demand development obstacles

    on-demand printing satisfying modern requirements for characterizing, and reduce the waste of resources. Company is able to cut pressure on the stock, so it must be the development of the printing industry, but its widespread implementation funding was encountered bottlenecks. Because of its original cost is high, sold out, the price is not much profit to rise.

    on-demand printing is mainly in accordance with the needs of users, according to the specified address and always be supplied with intent, and materials needed to file data directly to digital printing, and bookbinding. On-demand printing, also known as "print" and "Flash Printing" is a good theory to digital skills during the printing process, that is, "printed by the number set for the day, and next day shipping." Satisfactory features printing, needs to cut waste and print in one step, complete inventory, instant publication, and optional features for printing.

    many of the lack of on-demand printing to overcome the traditional printing, to satisfy the special needs of publishers, authors and readers. Not only brings more to press a broad margin, also processing of publications to convey the fundamental contradiction of supply and demand. But it also has a significant drawback, and that is in the book very little profit in the sale of value-added space. Due to its high costs for the demand. Foundation conditions for on-demand printing has a book digitization, so involved in this occupation has its own database built, able to supply a variety of digital books available for print on demand. Although each supply on-demand service companies use storage media are not the same, but it is a big human and material inputs.

    in accordance with the characteristics of demand for printing a book I need to? At a claimed "the most professional features book publishing and print on demand" website, there is a set of quotes: 148x210MM 32 open, colorful is the cover page, a 280-page paperback book, for example, print price is 54.6 1, printing to this analogy. This price is the same page numbers on book printing prices in the market (about 12~14) 3 times more than twice the price (27~29) 1 time. In a 1 the supply from India's on-demand printing services online bookstore, a 2002 launch of zero-price of 25 Yuan break Edition of the book, the on-demand printing at 54.84 Yuan, a difference of more than 1 time. In other words, with a single account, print on demand book price is the price of bulk printing of 1 time. Publishing houses, bookstores, readers, is clearly unsustainable. Fixed the substantial reduction in the cost of printing books in the process of selling profit, than according to the volume of printing, to both publishers are still in the process of selling the bookstore discount arising from profit has dropped dramatically.

    in addition to the expensive digital printing equipment acquisitions, Indian enterprises are daunting. Professor analyzing high-speed inkjet Web press using domestically produced paper is no problem, but is still using equipment manufacturers of printing inks supply special inks, clear the nozzles are very expensive.

    so now how to decrease production costs and decreased printing and supply antibody services, access to press support, high-speed inkjet printing equipment manufacturers and the issue that is using the company's needs.

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