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Changes in publishing and printing industry from traditional operations to technical equipment

    from news to books to print, nearly ten years news book career suffers constantly from digital innovations baptism, in series equipped with complete news publishing industry in the upgrading of production, operation or changes of the industrial structure.

    digital digital book content needs ways to join the interview. Wang Xuan, academician of the laser photo typesetting skills is a context created by the disruptive product, then presents the various formats of all kinds of hardware, software, and software (especially photo processing system) function more and more widely, scanners, data publishing system is gradually improving, DTP is an epoch making, Beijing founder Electronics Ltd is a national brand leader in the software.

    from the source, interview by digital impact first and foremost from the interviews, recording pens instead of notes, taken from the film into digital ... ... iPhone, iPad and other high-end digital products more news provides intelligent methods.

    and printing ends are equipped with complete important tactics, used upstream renders the individual needs of the digital books, print on demand research. Not only that, for on-demand printing supplies digital prepress process of Asia's first series of ink-jet connection digital POD production system has settled in Jiangsu Phoenix Media Group Limited and trial operation.

    skills advancement has not only changed the news out of the book, is a profound social impact, in particular changes and rich people's reading method.

    ten years, readers away from paper books toward a broader multimedia access channels, the news book production occurs in the upper reaches of force. Meanwhile, upstream after the contents production changed to the reader, such as releasing a reaction. Handheld readers, Tablet PCs, mobile phones and other digital reading devices has also experience from scratch, from single to rich, from close to a series of change in communication.

    everything is marked, decade news book Digital inquiry bore fruit, news channel will be more open in the future.

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