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Role of printing in offset printing quality control

    printing control strip is used to control color, printing plate exposure, color reproduction, proofing, printing effects unit, now a variety of measurement and control such as Bruner, FOGRA, GATF, middle section and so on, but the performance is consistent, generally consists of the following components.

    a: real

    print need for higher contrast, K= (DV-DR)/DV is mainly used for testing the image contrast, dot, one of uniformity, DV-site density, DR 75% dot print density.

    b: overprint

    check the first accepted the second color, the third color, affect overprinting rate, which affects the ink thickness.

    c: plate exposure control

    to check the film and plates, and close cases, determine the resolving power of the established plates exposure, General requirements for proofing Edition keep 2% of small outlets, print reservations 5% website. Exposure control: General than a printing plate corresponds to the resolving power of exposure is higher than the 3 to 4 levels.

    d: ghosting and distortion

    inspection network of deformation of longitudinal, transverse, bi-directional deformation of differential and indirect detection of pressure, whether the blanket relaxation, inking, water is too large.

    e: halftone

    detect the expansion of halftone dot

    f: gray balance

    for the detection of color to achieve neutral gray balance is the key to color faithfully reproduce.

    is worth mentioning: Control Strip cannot copy manufacturer's measurement and control network edge clear, copy and found the edge blur and dot gain.

    at present, gradually the data on China's printing industry, standardize management of road, although there are gaps in the standardization of printed material, but through the efforts of the people will improve. Of course for offset printing quality control technician experience is a very important consideration, I believe that, under joint efforts, our offset printing quality control, quality management and the application of color management, will make printing quality to a new level.

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