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    Qingdao Cheng Xiang printing company limited, is a design, plate-making, printing of professional packaging and printing enterprise. Qingdao Cheng Cheung printing, and Qingdao printing, and Qingdao printing factory, and Qingdao printing company, and Qingdao printing, and Qingdao printing design company, and Qingdao album printing, and Qingdao packaging printing, and Qingdao color printing, and Qingdao envelope printing, and Qingdao sample printing, and Qingdao publicity book printing, and Qingdao poster printing, and Qingdao packaging box printing, and Qingdao carton printing, and Qingdao mobile bags printing business range involved products packaging, and books issued, and handbags flag, and calendar calendar, and enterprise sample, and poster enrollment post, and no carbon copy, print.

    company created has, always to "specializing in printing, and Cheng Yu heart" for business concept, full implement and implementation ISO9001 international management approach, used most high-end of imports ink and accessories, equipped with current world most advanced of Apple computer G5 graphics design system, new of Heidelberg speed PA CD102, and speed PA 74 automatically loaded version four color offset, Heidelberg printing PA 524 color offset, T152 high-speed folding machine and computer program-control paper cutter, prepress, printing and postpress equipment to ensure print quality and high efficiency. In the industry, Qingdao Cheng CHEONG printing company to print good quality, delivery in time to enjoy a good reputation and a very high position.

    company has a sincere attitude of cooperation and professional quality service for the customer, adhere to technological innovation and self-transcendence, hosting each customer's confidence and trust at the same time, also together with the customers of various industries to grow and grow as a known and recognised today was "Ho Ming boutique". In recent years, the company has for the gujing, dynasty, five women mountain wines and hundreds of other well-known enterprises to provide exquisite prints, customers won widespread praise and acclaim. We will continue to strive towards providing a more superior service to more customers!

Qingdao Cheng Xiang Printing Co.,Ltd

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